»Modern Style Jewelry with a Funky, Earthy Edge, is the concept of the jewelry I create. My one-of-a-kind creations are inspired by my love of art and unusual color combinations. Every piece of Swagg Jewelry is made with quality materials designed to make the people that buy my jewelry, feel the joy of having their very own special piece of art.
The mission of Swagg Jewelry is to create collections that personify the customer’s love for art and whimsy. Each design searches for meaningful and deep motifs; composing colors that underline each unique personality. My wish is that my jewelry awakens emotions and allows the buyer to express their feelings. Satisfaction guaranteed!«

Needful Things | Kunst- und Designmarkt 4
Datum: Samstag, 23.07. & Sonntag, 24.07.2011
Uhrzeit: Sa, 23.07. | 15:00 bis 22:00 Uhr UND So, 24.07. | 11:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Café Ada, Wiesenstraße 4, 42103 Wuppertal

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23.11.19 | 19:30 | Konzert: Martin Kohlstedt – Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal