Auf unserem diesjährigen Trassenrave spielte Titia ein grandioses Closing. Die hoch talentiere und viel beschäftigte Djane tingelt mittlerweile durch ganz Europa. Wir nutzen die Gunst der Stunde und ließen sie nicht nur die Turntables rocken, sondern auch ein paar Fragen beantworten.

Suse: For those of us who have seen you on this year‘s TRASSENRAVE for the very first time: How did you get into the music business and how whould you describe your own style?

During my first year of Design Academy I met a boy who has already been into the DJ business and we become very good friends. Since he went to the record store a lot, and we were sort of ‚always together‘, I went with him and also sarted buying records. After a while I thought: Why not get record players for my own? To be honest, it took some time until I got my first small gigs and I even stopped for a while because of my studies and living in Stockholm. Music was always fun to me and I had never ever thought of making it my profession at all. Even today, it does not feel like a job! It‘s still a lot of fun and really exciting! Describing my own style I would say it is a great mixture of old school house and techno, rave, breaks, jungle influences and some acid.

The Netherlands are said to be more innovative than Germany in all kind of fields – from fashion to architecture and so on. Do you think this holds true for music as well?

I am sorry but yes, I think so! However, I think we still can learn, or look up to at least some parties in Berlin. There is some sort of vibe which is harder for us to create. On the one hand this is because of the unique industrial buildings you have there and on the other hand because of the anonymity we don’t really have in the Netherlands because we simply don’t have so many clubbers in our cities.

Do you prefer performing on »outdoor festivals« or in clubs? What are the advantages?

I prefer clubs – 100%.!!! I like playing in dark places because the main focus is on the music then. I feel, I can go deeper and play weirder stuff there. On festivals, you’re on the bill with more people, you play shorter sets and you just want to keep the party going on. Additonally – and this might sound a bit weird: I am not that kind of person who loves to be seen when I’m playing. I’m actually a little shy sometimes and I want my music to stay in the focus.

What other kind of music do you listen to and where do you get your inspiration from? 

Oh, I listen to almost everything but no pop or modern urban stuff. Other than that, it can be just anything. During the time I had not yet  dj’ing professionally, I already used to work in the music industry. So I was listening to all kinds of music 5 days a week. Sometimes I even miss these days. It can be ambient, electronic, blues, rock n roll, soul, indie… whatever touches me.

Do you have a personal music idol?

I don’t have an idol but there is one band that I still MUST see: Radiohead. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life but I never managed to go to one of theirs. Their music means a lot to me!

And if you can choose your dream destination to perform – where will it be?

I think I don’t have ONE dream gig. I simply love playing in weird small dark clubs in cities all around the world. I like to meet different people in different cities, get to know them a little, stroll around the streets… Simple, but fun!

If you are not standing behind your turn tables where do we find you?

You can find me in the studio, in a museum, or somewhere on the streets of Amsterdam North, where I am living because I’m very into ‘walking’ lately. You will probably find me having unch or dinner with a friend somewhere. But I also like to be at home or in my garden – with my girlfriend and my cat.

Travelling back in time: Had it been difficult to develop your skills and style as a woman within the scene? What kind of message would you send out to other young (female) newcomers?

I’ve never felt a difference. I’ve always been ‘one of the guys’ and I felt treated like that as a dj as well. I have played hours and hours on my record players at home in my student room to learn the skills. And also my style has developed along the years. Nowadays, the digital revolution has made it a lot easier to start dj’ing. In my opinion it’s never been a better time than now for girls/women to be out there and to be heard. So I’d tell them: If you want something, do it now – the time is right!

10 years from now: Where are you and what are you doing?

I don’t know!!!! We’ll see.

Why did you agree performing on the TRASSENRAVE and what did you like most here?

It just sounded like fun and I wanted to support your nice initiative. And I really enjoyed the great atmosphere and the people.

Can we look forward welcoming you in 2020? 

Hell yes!

That‘s the perfect closing remark! Thank you so much for the interview!

Bilder (c) Titia

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